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U.S.A.  is not a business.

Editorial by Mike Ashland

Let's be clear. The purpose of our government is not for it to make a profit. The purpose of our government is to secure our citizens life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

When I was younger (about the same age as Jared Kushner) and a steel company executive, I found myself on the boards of directors of several educational institutions. I felt confident that I could bring sound business practices to these non-profit organizations.

I wasn't alone as a businessman. The boards were packed with business executives. And we attacked budgets with a vengeance, turning bean counters loose and micro-managing a heretofore non-existent marketing scheme.

We worked tirelessly to increase revenue and decrease cost. We saw sluggish enrollment as weak sales and insufficient revenue as tuition undercharges--these schools were ignoring increasing costs and letting tuitions rates stagnate.

Business practices and principles to the rescue!

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Political Climate Change.           Editorial by Mike Ashland

We’re soaked. Wet to the bone. It’s been raining chaos and hate and injustice for over a month, but afraid to go inside. Afraid nobody will be left out here; that we’ll all go in, strip off our wet clothes and take some time to dry out by the fire with a nice, steaming mug of cocoa.

Fake news. Russians. Arrests. Banned journalists. Lies--lies every single day. Going after legal pot and re-opening for-profit prisons. Dumping coal back into the rivers. Golfing every weekend for $3 million.  Intentionally dismantling EPA, Education, Commerce.  Cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Re-opening discrimination against transgender kids. Giving firearms back to the mentally ill. Aborting national security for politics. Watching TV and tweeting while soldiers, women and children die. Pointing guns at Native Americans praying.

It's a political shit storm and we’re soaked and it won’t stop.

Every day a new tornado rips apart the structures and foundations of the norms and traditions that have sustained our political system. And, yet, the horizon thunders with clouds of more destruction. Health care devastation where pregnancy, cancer and MS become uninsurable pre-existing conditions. The poor pushed back into the streets, mostly women and children sent scrounging for quarters, bread and blankets. Non-white others stopped, questioned, detained, ripped from their homes and children. Women returning to a 1940’s paddock, gates locked against them, simply procreational “hosts” to be bred and forced into delivery.

The wildfires of crashed and burning railcars, their poisonous cargo pouring out into rivers and lakes and water systems across our country.

Our nation’s atmosphere is becoming saturated with lies and name-calling, with scape-goating and finger-pointing, and with a mean vindictiveness and a cold disinterest to suffering. What is the peak of calamity?  Read more

Portland Metro Edition

February , 2017

We've decided to rip into some of the most fundamental words of our nation. The sentence in our Declaration of Independence that defines all the others. Each week we're going to take a key word from that text and present interviews and articles that reflect how our citizens feel about us as a nation, as a citizen and any generational differences. This week it's TRUST...

Portland Metro Edition

February 1, 2017

StumpPost at March

A few observations from the waterfront at Portland's Women's March

Posted by StumpPost on Saturday, January 21, 2017

from John's head


In your life, have you ever wondered if you were going crazy, losing it, going just plain nuts?...Read more

I Am Old

Once in awhile, I see a picture of someone that I knew, maybe from high school or on FaceBook and wonder “Holy shit!” Read more



Surreal, gazing outside my window after a snowstorm, I see blackbirds on snowy limbs, flying from branch to branch.  It is as if a dream... Read more


Death Enlightens

Death. Everyone thinks about it at some point in their lives. We can only hope that it’s not in the minds of our young children.... Read more

and don't----

On Courting in Winter


My Jekyll and Hyde

...sometime in the mid ‘70s, while working a full-time retail job, I made the brilliant decision to take on a part-time job as a waitress to make more money...Read more


Out Dating

Dating—no matter what generation you are, Baby Boomer, GenX, Millennial—is a challenge. After my separation and divorce from my first wife, Joy, I was again in those uncharted waters...Read more


Seed of Disbelief

All experiences from the past shape you into the person you are today. We think we choose our path, and we may try very hard to follow it, but life has a way of steering us in the direction of the unknown.... Read more


Baby Oil & Boobs

In the summer before my freshman year in high school, I lurked around the lake with my skinny little body and surfer trunks checking out the chicks and showing off... Read more


Good Karma?

Do you believe in karma? Call it what you will—predestination, fate, kismet—but my husband, Justin, and I are convinced we have it. Good karma, that is. What makes us believe that it’s true? Good things seem to come our way. Read more


Not what they seem...

“Shit.  God-damned motherfucker.”

My head snapped around and a woman was spitting near my feet.  A man was holding her hand and it was he who was the source of the obscenities.I recognized their Tourette Syndrome, explaining that I had a son with the disorder...Read more

Mike Editorial

Don't Watch.

I’ve always loved football. Until I saw a 60 Minutes special on brain injury from the game. Then there was the PBS Frontline documentary detailing CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy), terminal brain injury not just from concussions, but from the cumulative effect of all head impacts....Read more


Refugee in Canada

When I was 19, I was homeless on the streets of Winnipeg, Canada.  I was living under bridges and overpasses using cardboard and newspaper to keep warm.  I was what they called an American Refugee—gone to Canada to escape the draft....Read more

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Portland Metro Edition

January 1, 2017

Portland Stays Weird:

WTF is Body Modification?
Our first StumpPost probe into

Piercing, Painting and Puncturing ourselves

John Geer explores the personal side of  body modification with Breana


True Love

The subject of tattoos came up recently. It is a subject that generated a great deal of conflict in my mind. My earliest perception of tattoos were likely formed by Hollywood portrayals...Read more


On Spacers

Spacers. Plugs. Tunnels. Ever heard of them? Maybe some folks over a certain age haven’t, but I’ve been around and know about this kind of stuff...Read more


Tribal Beauties

When I was a kid growing up on the East Coast in the 50’s, my ideas of physical beauty came from the Hollywood screen. Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn... Read more


Nice Girls Get Pierced

I’m a southern girl. Grew up in the ‘50s and ‘60s in a small town big on religion and conservatism. Girls with pierced ears were viewed as, well... sluts.    Read more

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Mike Ashland

Native Breasts

Recalling National Geographic and African women, my old but immature brain spit out the word, “boobs,” which I instantly regretted saying out loud but had to explain  Read more

Claudia Franzino

My Mother

I think about my mother a lot. Her name was Mary Melissa. She was like the Leave It to Beaver mom that we watched on TV in the late 50’s... Read more

John Geer

Time Is Not A Friend

I have reached an age that makes me question time.  I remember in my youth that when I was on summer vacation from school, time was irrelevant, a day seemed like a week, a week seemed like a month and so on.    Read more



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